Infrastructures  & Facilities


Well equipped and sophisticated labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computers are maintained for conducting practicals in a full fledged and systematic manner.

IT Education

To set up new standards in the Educational sector and excel in the cyber area, a high quality of effective training is necessary in the field of computers. This aims at empowering today’s children in the world of technology. Specially designed softwares are implemented to boost the aptitude of each child thus making the learning process interesting and enjoyable. IT education is imparted from classes 1- 12

Smart Class Rooms

A revolutionary change in the field of education equipped with visual and audio aids will upgrade the scholastic performances of the students. Smart Class Rooms is one such stride towards it. It is a digital learning methodology for better perception of lessons. The smart class is designed to support and empower teachers with technology right inside the classrooms making learning more interesting, informative and impressive. This enables the students to acquire better comprehension of the concepts taught in the class. They enjoy the process of learning enabling them to improve their academic performances. It also helps to teach the abstract curriculum and concepts which the students find complicated to grasp. This facility is available for all classes.

Guidance and Counseling

The School arranges regular counselling and guidance sessions for students. General awareness and personality development classes are arranged by expert resource persons at regular intervals for both students and parents. These sessions have proved to be truly fruitful.

Sl.No Room Number Size
Length(in Ft.) Breadth(in Ft.)
1 Class Room 36 20 20
2 Composite Science Lab 0 0 0
3 Physics Lab 1 30 20
4 Chemistry Lab 1 30 20
5 Biology Lab 1 30 20
6 Maths Lab 1 15.5 15
7 Computer Science Lab 1 30 20
8 Home Science Lab 0 0 0
9 Library 1 30 20
10 Other Rooms 23 690 16
11 Bio-Tech Lab 0 0 0