‘Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori’ is an educational movement. We are ambitious to open 1000 schools by 2020. This dream can be achieved only by teamwork. We invite those persons who are willing to contribute in the field of education having infrastructure and capital to become our teammates.

In ‘Brainy Stars’ we have integrated Montessori Method with Islamic values. In Montessori Method of teaching of education, child is groomed in a natural way (FITRAT), this system helps child to nourish his abilities of observation, creativity and imagination.

Vision of Brainy Stars International Islamic Montessori

To nurture future leaders with Islamic values who shall make our beloved country a global knowledge leader and increase happiness and prosperity in our plural society with the sense of universal brotherhood as an obedient of Allah.


  1. Establishment of 1000 schools in the country by 2020. (Insha Allah)
  2. Framing of curriculum integrating Montessori Method with Islamic values, providing holistic approach of education
  3. To introduce parenting as part of curriculum and to make parents partner in developing a child as an asset to family and society.
  4. To establish training center for teachers who will present and practice alternate education system where in teacher shall be 'Murabbi' (a role model).