About Us


Al-Haramain English School was established and is administered by The Calicut Charitable Trust. It offers quality education modelled on modern pedagogy combined with moral instruction. The curricular and co-curricular activities are oriented towards the total personality development of students. It is open to students of all castes and creeds, offering amenities for their physical intellectual and spiritual accomplishment. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi with a strength of 1250 students. Student friendly campus,  well equipped Labs, Library and Digital Classrooms are the special features of the school.

CO-Curricular Activities

Various activities targeted for the all round development of the personality of the child takes place in the school. They include debates, elocutions, quizzes, recitations, extempore, drawing, painting, athletics, seminars, projects and tours. Sports Meet, Annual Day and Literary Competitions are conducted every year. Intra and inter school competitions are conducted to foster the spirit of participation, leadership and healthy competition. Cultural programmes are also organized. Programmes to develop creative writing are also emphasized.  A variety of clubs such as the Literary Club,  the Science Club, the Eco Club, the Mathematics Club, the Computer Club, the English Club, the Language Club, the  Writers '  Club  and the Health and Wellness  Club function actively throughout the year. These clubs enhance the team spirit and creative skills of the students. Innovative workshops and camps on novel ideas like Visual Media, documentaries and discussions on current events, departmental activities and days of global importance are added activities in the co-curricular field.

Evaluation and Promotion

Education aims at moulding children into responsible, productive and useful members of the society. Knowledge skills and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created for learners in school. It is in the classroom that learners can analyse and evaluate their experiences, learn to solve doubts, to question,  to investigate and think independently. It is due to this reason that CBSE has introduced Continuous and Comprehensive  Evaluation (CCE) in the schools affiliated to it. CCE is a school based evaluation of students, that  covers all aspects of students' development. There will be Two Terms, the First Term will be from June to October and the Second Term from November to March. Each term will have a Summative Assessment besides 2 Formative Assessments. The assessments will be indicated in Grades. Progress Reports will be given to the parents after each Summative Assessment. The children are assessed in both Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. Promotion to the next higher class will be based on the students' achievement  in the CCE and the two Summative Assessments.


A uniform attire promotes equality and discipline. The school logo is compulsory for the uniforms and belts. In order to ensure the texture, colour and pattern it is compulsory to purchase the uniform materials from the school store. Uniform is compulsory for all students.

Boys: Deep ash grey pants and shirt of checks comprising of grey, black and red (half sleeve) belt with school logo, black shoes and grey socks.


.Girls: Khameez of checks comprising of grey, black and red (without side slit), deep ash grey pyjamas,  black scarf,  grey jacket, black shoes and grey socks.

Boys in KG, 1 std and II std. are to wear grey shorts instead of pants.

Girls in KG, 1 std and II std. are to wear deep and ash grey pinafore with shirts of checks comprising of grey, black and red.

Scarf is compulsory for Muslim girls  only from class 3 onwards and black shoes and grey socks for all students.

Students should wear the prescribed uniform on all school days.


Code of Conduct Schhol Rules:

1.        Students should behave respectfully towards the members of the staff.

2.        Students must wear school uniform every day.

3.        Chocolates, chewing gum, tobacco products or other harmful products must not be brought to school either for consumption or for distribution.

4.        Students should not be found possessing periodicals, magazines, books or any undesirable printed materials other than school & library books.

5.        They should not be carrying valuable articles, gold/precious metal ornaments, mobile phones, video/audio cassettes or games, CDs, USB devices or electronic items for personal entertainment.

Boys – Neat formal cut
Girls – Broad white hair bands for short haired, two side neatly plaited and foided with light blue ribbons
Black Shoes and black socks on all days except Fridays. On Fridays, white shoes and white socks must be used.
The school is providing computer education fro class 1st onwards.Seperate fee will be collected from the pupils. Separate time is set apart for theory and practical classes.
Supply of Books
Text books will be supplied in the months of May. The fee for the text books must be remitted in advance.


To guide the students to shape a futuristic society, through moulding attitudes, streamlining skills, inculcating habits of excellence and redefining benchmarks of quality without compromising on the basic fundamentals.


Al-Haramain English School focuses on value based education with  academic excellence. It emphasizes on the total development of a student--to be morally right,  guided by virtues, to think critically and act creatively and constructively in the various situations of life.

  • A Holistic Development of a child.
  • Creating a sense of independency.
  • Quality Education.
  • Value based Instruction.
  • Praiseworthy Character.
  • Pleasing Personality.
  • Performance in Boards & Beyond.

We are immensely proud of announcing that the school has been consistently securing 100% result in the Board Examinations right from the year 2003. All the students who passed out from this institution are doing their higher studies in various professional Colleges and other prestigious Institution in and outside Kerala.



Admissions on the basis of the performance in the Xth examination.
Parents who wish to take admission for their wards in Ideal English School are advised to contact as in person. It is always desirable to have an appointment with the Principal. So that you can have a first hand information about the place which is going to mould your dearest one’s future.



Well equipped and sophisticated labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and  Computers are maintained for conducting practicals in a full fledged manner.

IT Education:

To set up new standards in the educational sector, high quality of effective training is necessary in the field of computers. This aims at empowering the children in the world of technology. Specially designed softwares will be implemented to enhance the ability of each child thus making learning fun and enjoyable. IT education is imparted from classes 1 to 10.

Smart Class Rooms:

A revolutionary change in the field of education will help improve the academic performances of the students. Smart Class room is one such step towards it. It is a digital learning process for better perception of lessons. The Smart Class is designed to empower teachers with technology right inside the classrooms making learning more interesting, informative and impressive. This enables the students to acquire better understanding of the concepts taught in the class and they enjoy the process of learning enabling them to improve their academic performances. It also helps to teach abstract curriculum and concept which the students find difficult to understand. This facility is available from KG to class 10.


The school maintains a well stocked library with over 5250 books in Malayalam & English which are classified and catalogued. The library subscribes to 25 periodicals and 5 newspapers in English  & Malayalam, one copy of Malayalam newspaper and 3 copies of English newspapers everyday  for  classes  3-10. A reading room is also maintained for concentrated reading.

Guidance and counselling:

The school arranges regular counselling and guidance sessions for students. General awareness and personality development classes are arranged by efficient resource persons at regular intervals.

KG -Light Blue & White striped shirt Black pinafore/shorts
I-IV -Light Blue & White striped shirt Black pinafore/shorts
V-X - (Boys)-Light Blue & White striped shirt (half sleeves) Black pants
V- X - (Girls) -Light Blue & White striped full sleeves churidar top, Black pants & over coat.
XI-XII-(Boys) - Light Blue & White striped shirt (half sleeves) Black pants
XI-XII- (Girls) - Light Blue & White striped full sleeves churidar top, Black pants & over coat.
Muslim Girls must wear Black mafta
On Fridays, white uniform is followed in the same patterns.(for KG-X)
Winter Time: Navy blue Full sleeve pull-over sweater.

School vans ply on specific routes. The pick up schedule and fee structure would be made available from the school office.
Promotion of the higher classes is based on the overall performance in the summative and formative evaluation of the child.

Regular meetings are conducted classwise giving opportunities for parents to discuss  individual student issues in particular and strategies for academic improvement in general. PTA, MPTA meetings are held regularly and feedbacks noted and amendments done.